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Have Your Say on Assisted Death

Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Dear member,

As you may be aware, consultation representatives passed a resolution at our 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM) calling for a public dialogue on end-of-life issues, including assisted suicide and euthanasia. Since this resolution was carried, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a decision that Canada’s prohibitions against medically-assisted death are unlawful and gave the government one year to revise the laws. RNAO responded quickly in calling for a principled implementation framework to ensure a balance between an individual’s autonomy and safeguards to protect those who may be vulnerable.

In addition to ongoing webcasts that are open to everyone and the panel on end-of-life care that the association organized as part of our 2015 AGM, RNAO would like to make you aware of two consultation opportunities:

  1. The Ontario government is soliciting feedback from the public to share thoughts on assisted death. You are invited to take a quick survey and share your thoughts by October 1, 2015:
  2. The federal government has appointed an advisory panel to engage Canadians on the issues it will need to consider in responding to the Supreme Court’s decision. You are invited to contribute to an “Issue Book” and to send a formal submission for consideration by the panel:

For More Information: