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A New Social Care Act for Canada

OTTAWA, November 25, 2015 – The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) today issued A New Social Care Act for Canada that provides an in-depth history of Canada’s social policy trajectory and paints a picture of the Canada that might have been before it was derailed by a climate of austerity and budget-balancing-at-any-cost mentality.

Like the Canada Health Act, CASW proposes that a Social Care Act for Canada be grounded in ten principles that would not impose restrictions or regulations on the provinces and territories, but rather serve as a catalyst for renewed federal leadership to support the delivery of equitable services to all populations across Canada.

Ten Principles of New Social Care Act for Canada

1. Public administration

6. Comprehensiveness

2. Universality

7. Portability

3. Accessibility

8. Fairness

4. Effectiveness

9. Accountability and Transparency

5. Rights and Responsibility

10. Comparability

With the commitment to a new Health Accord and renewed promise of national leadership, CASW urges the new Liberal government to boldly adopt a new Social Care Act for Canada to help guide the Canada Social Transfer and all new investments in social infrastructure.

“The Canadian health care system stands to save significantly by adopting a bold vision to address the social determinants of health, as the best research available clearly demonstrates that health, social and economic outcomes are inextricably linked” states CASW President, Morel Caissie.

For further information:
Fred Phelps, MSW, RSW
CASW Executive Director