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Bell Let’s Talk Announcement

Dear partners and friends of Bell Let’s Talk,

Five years ago, Bell Let’s Talk began a new conversation about Canada’s mental health. At that time, most people were not talking about mental illness. But the numbers spoke volumes about the urgent need for action.

The Bell Let’s Talk initiative, launched in September 2010, was built on 4 key pillars: Fighting stigma, improving access to care, supporting world-class research, and leading by example in the workplace. Canadians like you embraced the cause more quickly and fully than we had imagined.

Yesterday we renewed our commitment to Bell Let’s Talk, for a further 5 years and at least $100 million in total funding. We are grateful to all the individuals and groups we’ve worked with, learned from and supported since 2010 and to those we’ll work with going forward.

Please visit our
Facebook and Twitter pages to like, share and tweet our news with your friends and followers. Our Let’s Talk Progress Report outlines our commitment over the past 5 years and we’ve created a video capturing some of the highlights of the last 5 years. If you would like to watch yesterday’s webcast announcing our $100 million commitment, please visit

We look forward to working with you for another 5 incredible years.


The Bell Let’s Talk Team