Conference Hosting Proposals

The Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses is very pleased to announce that Guidelines are now available for member organizations who are interested in hosting a future “national” conference on our behalf. These Guidelines have been developed to provide potential hosts with the following information:

  • Important background information related to our requirements – both operationally and financially.
  • A draft copy of a “Memorandum of Understanding” that a future conference host group would be expected to sign with the national organization.
  • An application form.

Hosting a CFMHN National Conference in your part of the country can be an exciting opportunity to build national awareness for the critical issues impacting on mental health nursing as well as an opportunity to generate funds for the development of provincial interest groups on a cooperative basis with CFMHN.

We do endeavour to rotate our event across the country in alternating years. A sample template of rotation is provided as part of the package. Please review the documentation below and we invite you to contact us for any further clarification required.


Thank you for your interest in hosting a future CFMHN National Conference. These guidelines have been prepared to ensure that our future conferences are staged to the highest possible standard, ensuring a successful outcome for attendees, for the host organizations, and for our National association.

The Guidelines have been prepared in three sections:

  1. Parameters established by the CFMHN Board of Directors designed to encourage consistency between events, and to also assist potential hosts to fully understand the responsibilities that accrue from this undertaking.
  2. A “Memorandum of Understanding”. This document (subject to negotiation with a successful host) will form the basis of the working relationship with the national association.
  3. Application Form

It is our goal through the above documents to ensure that prospective host organizations understand the importance we place on successfully staging this flagship event. it is important to appreciate the magnitude of the financial responsibilities as well as the contractual commitments that will be entered into with host facility.

Please feel free to contact our National Office if you have any questions or require additional clarification of any item in this document.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in participating with CFMHN.

Board of Directors

Section I:
Parameters to Consider when bidding to host our national conference

I. Historical

CFMHN has previously held the following national conferences during the past decade:

Date National Conference City # of attendees Host
Oct. 26 - 28, 2000 "Psychiatric Nursing Into the Millenium" Saskatoon 300 CFMHN & the University of Saskatchewan
Jun. 22, 2002 "Best Practices Conference" Toronto 275 CFMHN
Oct. 30 - Nov.1, 2003 "The Art, The Science & the Ethics of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing" (International Conference) Toronto 360 CFMHN
May 26 - 28, 2005 "Ideas as Endless as the Prairie Sky" Winnipeg 240 Manitoba Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Interest Group
Oct. 17 - 19, 2009 "Hope, Health & Healing - Mental Health Nursing Around the Corner & Around the World" Halifax 375 Nova Scotia Mental Health Nurses Group

II. Timing

At the present time, we host National conference on a bi-annual basis. We presently anticipate that events would be held in 2011 & 2013.

Our strong preference is that the event would be held between late September and the end of October.

Generally our conference entails 2 full days plus either pre or post conference workshops. We do not have a strong preference as to the days of the week but would suggest a Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday combination to allow attendees to obtain best possible airfares.

III. Geography

In order to assist the association to maintain or enhance its “National Image” and to encourage development of strong regional partners, we have established the following rotation pattern.

West 2005 Winnipeg
Central 2007 Not Held
East 2009 Halifax
Central 2011 To Be Determined
West 2013 To Be Determined

Note: These are our “preferred” rotations but we are open to discussion.

IV. Facility

Each host community is encouraged to research facility options which can accommodate the probable attendance numbers in a professional but cost-effective setting.

As you evaluate potential sites, please keep the following space requirements in mind:

Function Numbers Size / Details
Main Plenary Room 350 @ 1/2 Rounds 6,500 sq/ft
- Minimum of 4
@ 74-100 each Approx. 3,000-4,000 sq/ft
Exhibits Area 20-25 Booths Approx. 3,000-4,000 sq/ft
Luncheon (2) 350 sit down Could utilize the main Plenary area
Bedrooms Minimum room block of 100-125 per two peak nights  

V. Resources

A local core planning team of at least 6-8 would be essential. Planning to begin at least 18 months prior. A minimum of monthly meetings.

Primary focus of the Host Planning group would be program development and local hospitality arrangements.

For the actual event operations, an additional 6-8 volunteers would be required for the Registration Desk, Room hosts, etc.

The National Office of CFMHN will provide “advances” for the payment of early bills that will arise prior to any ticket sales or sponsorship funds arriving. This funding will be in the range of $7,500.00.

The local host organization could possibly require up to $2,500.00 of their own funds, again prior to income being generated.

VI. National Office Support

The National Office, via its own service provider, will be able to provide the following assistance, and assume responsibility for the following areas:

  • Facility contract negotiations
  • Budget development (in partnership with the host organization)
  • Book Keeping Services
  • Online Electronic Abstract Review process
  • Online E-Registration process
  • Design of marketing pieces
  • Provision of a comprehensive database to assist with Sponsor & Exhibit marketing
  • Onsite Audio-Visual Coordination

Fees for the above would be incorporated into the overall conference budget.

The CFMHN National Board is comprised of highly knowledgeable professionals within the mental health nursing & education sector and their expertise is available to assist with the program design.

To view the complete document cilck on the following link: Guidelines for Proposals to Host a National Conference for CFMHN