Download the 2015 National Conference Brochure

The list of presentations from the 2015 CFMHN National Mental Health Conference: Celebrating Canadian Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing Achievements are below. The presentations are from authors who have given us permission to post them.

Pre-Conference Workshop #3 - A Mission With A Vision: Preserving The Psychological Wellness of Staff

Pre-Conference Workshop #5 - Focusing Your Organizations Efforts Towards Achieving a Fully Integrated Electronic Medical Record

Pre-Conference Workshop #6 - Recognizing Trauma in Mental Health: Trauma-Informed Responses with Youth, Women and People with Psychosis

​Opening Keynote - Florence Budden - Mental Health Nursing: Making A Difference Someday to Someone

A2-2 - Vrabie - A Home for our Elderly Suffering with Chronic Mental Problems

A3-1 - Fleming - Articulating and (re)Claiming our Specialization 

A3-2 - Ling - Using a Competency Framework to Support the Practice of Nurses Working in Addictions Settings

A4 - van Daalen-Smith - A World of Indifference: A Film and Facilitated Discussion Regarding Canadian Women’s Experiences of Psychiatric Hospitalization

B1-1 - Quinn - An Effective Way to Operate Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Groups in the CAF

B1-2 - Golea - Creating Sexually Safe Environments within Inpatient Mental Health Settings

B2-1 - Touloukis - Metabolic Monitoring in Community Mental Health - Connecting Clients Using Technology

B2-2 - Dekeseredy - A Qualitative Research Proposal to Investigate Nurse’s Experiences and Perceptions of Compassion Fatigue While Caring for Patients in a Rural Emergency Department

B3-1 - Merali - Engaging Clients Who Use Substances: A Best Practice Guideline Initiative

B3-2 - Olarte-Godoy - Building Capacity in Concurrent Disorders

B4-1 - Jones - Implementing Evidence Based Practices to Support Students with Mental Health and Addiction Issues

C1-1 - Martin - Perceptions of Care by Families of Forensic Out-Patients 

C1-2 - Wiebe - The Creation and Evolution of an Orientation Program for Forensic Mental Health Nursing

C2-1 - Parker - Evaluation of a Co-Facilitated Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Intervention  

C2-2 - LeGris - Cognitive Function and Suicide Risk in Women with Borderline Personality Disorder

C3-1 - Gola - Mental Health Nursing Simulation: Engaging BScN Students with Client Safety in Rapidly Changing Environments

C3-2 - Reyes - Strategies for Enhancing Resilience of New Graduates Practicing Mental Health Nursing

D1-1 - Anesen - Engaging Mental Health and Addictions Front-line Nurses in Change- Releasing Time to Care

D2-2 - Kent-Wilkinson - Aboriginal Offenders with Mental Health and Addiction Problems: Innovations to Address this ‘Triple Stigmatization’

D3-1 - Lynch - A Foot in Two Camps: Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Nursing and Organ Transplantation

D3-2 - Dusome - Is There a Role for the Registered Psychiatric Nurse on the Palliative Care Team?

E1-1 - Gatkowski - Birthing a Collaborative Approach between Mental Health & Addiction and Maternal Child Nursing

E1-2 - Goulnik - Exploring the Experience and the Needs of Pediatric Nurses Caring for Hospitalized Children with a Mental Health Disorder in Non Psychiatric Units

E2 - Vachon - The CNA Certification Program: Caring to be the Best in Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing

E3-1 - Vandyk  - Undergraduate Nursing: A Systematic Review of Mental Health and Addiction Education

E4-1 - Gehrs - Mentoring the Leadership Workforce of Tomorrow: Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) Internships

G2-1 - Mastorovich - Minimizing Health Disparities among Gay Adolescents: The Role of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse

G2-2 - Merali - Engaging Inter Sectoral Partnerships in Youth Mental Health Promotion: A Role for Nurses

G3-2 - Melrose - A Free Book for Caregivers of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness: Showcasing an Innovation

G4 - Martin - Supporting Culture Shifts in the Creation of Trauma Informed Care Environments